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We have a web of six manufacturing units; each specializes in a particular product spread across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka of Southern India. Each is self-sufficient to make final packed goods.

We also have a unit run by self-help women’s group from a remote village in Tamil Nadu that specializes in bags. This model helps us to be competitive with our pricing and flexible delivery. Our clients work with us on larger volumes as well as small quantities of product.

We work with handloom fabrics and mill made fabrics. Many of our current fabrics are woven at home units run by weaver families from small villages in a radius of 100kms.

We have a capacity of 15000 units of final products every month from Tee Shirts, decorative pillows to duvet covers currently. Capacity can be increased with a notice of 45 days. Our dynamic manufacturing units are designed to expand and shrink as per order positions.

We adhere to all international standards and certify our products for the best quality in their class.


Woven and Knitted Fabrics

Cut and Sew


Knitwear: Tee shirts, Shorts, Underwear and Dress in cotton, cotton blend and performance textile.

Home Textile: Fabrics, Bedding, Decorative Pillows, Quilts, Curtains, Throws and Kitchen Linen in Cotton, Linen, Silk and other blends.

Other: Stoles, Purses, Bags, Hospitality Textile and other Textile Promotional Products.


Research and Development



Hand and Machine Embroidery

Various Kind of Printing

Solid and Space Dying

Wash Treatments


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