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Mangalam is a well-known in the fashion and home textile industry as a preferred manufacturing partner for multiple brands across the globe. We are active in the industry since our start in 2014. We manufacture fashionable garments, home textile, and lifestyle products using various materials and techniques. With our team's two decades of experience, we deliver exceptional quality and service from our Bengaluru studio, and partner factories in multiple locations. Our passion and expertise drive us to exceed customer expectations and make a lasting impact.





Our Mission:

We believe Orhan Pamuk when he says that one of life's greatest consolations is "man's sentimental attachment to objects." We have a love for producing top-quality goods in smaller batches with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our moral standards, customer-focused strategy, and thriving ecosystem benefit buyers, producers, and the environment. We take pleasure in the things we produce since they form a part of the individual story of the final consumer.

Organizational Vision:

The purpose of design is to improve the world. We like the manufacturing process because we adore the finished result, and we make sure that designs are executed honestly.  Our objectives and methods are to establish balance through humanist practice's and a healthy ecosystem, with a holistic approach of product, process, people, and practice's as well as pricing.

Instead of using massive assembly lines, we choose cluster manufacturing because it keeps the goods and production closer to the creator. This approach uses less resources and is less expensive. We would like to impart this talent for creating fantastic things. This will be our production strategy: obtaining the correct product created locally by knowledgeable craftspeople. Larger plant configurations will do the necessary consolidation work.

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