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We are exporters and manufacturers with our headquarters located in Bangalore. Our manufacturing operations span across six production facilities strategically located in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, southern India. Each facility specializes in specific product lines, enabling us to offer a diverse range of finished goods to our esteemed clients. This distinctive production model empowers us to provide our clients with various delivery options and accommodate orders of all scales. Our textile sourcing encompasses both mill-made and hand-loomed fabrics, with a significant portion procured from weaver families residing in small towns within a 100 km radius.

Currently, our production capacity stands at 15,000 units per month, encompassing a wide array of finished goods such as duvet covers, ornamental pillows, t-shirts, and more. We take great pride in our production flexibility and our ability to promptly adapt to the dynamic demands of our valued clients.

At our company, we adhere rigorously to international regulations and uphold an unwavering commitment to manufacturing products of the utmost quality. Our certification serves as a testament to our clients, assuring them that they can trust us to deliver goods that consistently meet the highest standards.

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